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The Charities

We are thrilled that helping to fight cancer is our charity theme this year, and we have loads planned to ensure we beat last year’s amazing fundraising total. Find out about our two charities below…

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This exceptional charity supports children who are fighting cancer, as well as their families. Not only is money invested in children’s cancer research, but also in making hospital stays a little easier and helping both the children and their families stay connected to the outside world. They even fund holidays to help everyone spend time together and get welcome respite.

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Cancer Research UK

Needing no introduction, Cancer Research UK has saved millions of lives through finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Read on to find out what gruelling challenge Park Leisure’s directors will be putting themselves through to meet our 2017 target of £100,000

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So far we have raised £100,000.00

So far our Park Leisure team have done an amazing job of raising…

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The Cyclists

This year Park Leisure CEO Miles, along with Olly, Gary and James will undertake the massive challenge of cycling 700 miles across Europe for charity. Find out a bit more about our challengers making the epic journey below.

Miles Dewhurst


We’re under no illusion that this will be no easy feat, it’s going to be one of the most physically difficult things we have ever completed in our lives. However, we’re really passionate about raising as much as possible for these charities and hope we can do the challenge justice.

Olly Gardner

Director of Communications

It’s that time of the year to don the lycra, stock up on Ibuprofen and hit the road for another mammoth charity event. Unfortunately most, if not all, of us have had some kind of encounter with cancer which is probably why we are already well on the road to raising our £100k target. But we’re not there yet and we need your help if we are to reach our final goal! This year’s challenge is the toughest yet and I hope it’s worthy of your support.

James Gourlay

Operations Director

This is the sixth year I have been involved with Park Leisure’s charitable events and although they have all been challenging, they always leave us with a real feeling of pride that we have achieved our goal and most importantly helped raise money for some great causes. This year’s mission is by far the biggest we have ever attempted, daunting yes but I feel totally privileged to be involved.

Gary Molloy

Past CEO of Park Leisure Group

It is a great honour to be able to raise money for such incredible charities. Cancer is something that affects so many of us, the challenge we face is nothing compared to those tackling cancer on a daily basis and I’m proud to be part of this year’s fundraising efforts. When we hit the hard times during the challenge, I will be thinking of all the families our raised money will help.

The Route

The journey will start in the Czech Republic and go through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, before ending in Venice. Cycling across brutal terrain - including a punishing climb across the Alps to reach Italy - the cyclists will face a challenge worthy of such deserving charities.

Park Leisure

The cycle trek follows on from last year’s challenge which saw the Park Leisure directors embark upon an 11-day cycle across Britain raising an incredible £70,000 for Walking with the Wounded, a charity for servicemen and women.

Commenting on the fundraising initiative, CEO of Park Leisure Miles Dewhurst said: “We set the bar high last year and are determined to do it bigger and better in 2017. Incredibly, we’re already on track to smash our fundraising target and that’s thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received from friends, families and colleagues and clients at Park Leisure.”

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